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ADAM Teen Canceled

There’s no really good way to say it, so here’s the thing: we’re canceling Anxiety Depression and Mormonism—Teen. We didn’t really want to cancel it, but we finally decided to face the fact that people either simply didn’t care or didn’t want to come. We’ve watched enough “Shark Tank” to know that if something isn’t…

What Do We Do?

This morning I woke up and checked Facebook while still in bed, only to see a friend posting about Anthony Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain? My brain started working… why would she be posting about him? What happened? I did some research, quickly discovering that Anthony Bourdain is now yet another victim of suicide. Two celebrities this…

Conference Updates!

Thanks everyone for being understanding of my taking a blog hiatus. I’m sure you all understand how life gets, and how sometimes we just need to take a break from certain things and obligations. I do want to keep anyone who might be interested updated on the conferences we have coming up this summer, though.…


I decided to go back to therapy after all. I’m only planning to go back roughly once a month or even every other month, as needed. My OCD isn’t actually too bad (knock on wood), and as I started out my therapy session the other day, I almost felt a bit silly being there.