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This morning I woke up and checked Facebook while still in bed, only to see a friend posting about Anthony Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain? My brain started working… why would she be posting about him? What happened? I did some research, quickly discovering that Anthony Bourdain is now yet another victim of suicide. Two celebrities this…

Conference Updates!

Thanks everyone for being understanding of my taking a blog hiatus. I’m sure you all understand how life gets, and how sometimes we just need to take a break from certain things and obligations. I do want to keep anyone who might be interested updated on the conferences we have coming up this summer, though.…


I decided to go back to therapy after all. I’m only planning to go back roughly once a month or even every other month, as needed. My OCD isn’t actually too bad (knock on wood), and as I started out my therapy session the other day, I almost felt a bit silly being there.